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Discover CareSpace, a revolutionary virtual injury prevention and recovery program designed to enhance the quality of elderly care. Tailored to address the specific needs of home-based elderly care, CareSpace leads to lower costs and improved care management, giving you peace of mind.

Overcoming the Challenge: A Better Path to Elderly Care

The Elderly Care Challenge

Elderly care often presents formidable challenges. Let’s explore these issues, putting them in perspective with real-life examples:

Our Innovative Response

To counter these pressing challenges, CareSpace offers a pioneering solution that reimagines elderly care. Our innovative approach includes:

Impact of Mobility Exercises

Key Features of CareSpace

Personalized Mobility Assessment

CareSpace begins with a personalized mobility assessment that evaluates the individual's baseline mobility. This data serves as the foundation for tailoring a unique care plan, ensuring that each senior receives the care they need.

Professional Virtual Support

Our program provides access to a team of specialized therapists and healthcare experts who offer ongoing virtual support. This means seniors have professional guidance and assistance right at their fingertips.

Real-Time Progress Monitoring

With CareSpace, you can track your loved one's progress in real-time. The platform offers real-time data on their mobility, ensuring that the care plan is effective and making adjustments as necessary.

Personalized Conditioning Programs

We create personalized conditioning programs based on the mobility assessment results. These programs are designed to improve endurance, strength, and mobility, tailored to the individual's unique needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of care does the CareSpace program support?

The CareSpace program is designed to support a wide range of care needs, including prevention, acute care for recent injuries, and chronic care for high-risk individuals.

  • For prevention, we offer ergonomic exercises to prevent injury and chronic disease, which can lead to a reduction in chronic disease.
  • For acute cases, we provide tailored rehab and care plans to aid recovery from injuries, potentially avoiding high-cost surgeries.
  • In chronic high-risk situations, our program includes exercise, education, and behavior change to impact day-to-day lifestyles, contributing to lower medical costs.

The CareSpace virtual care support process is designed to be patient-centered and provider-supported:

  1. Patients begin by completing a pain evaluation.
  2. CareSpace assesses the patient’s range of motion (ROM) to identify mobility limitations, with physical therapists monitoring progress and providing feedback.
  3. Physical therapists assign personalized rehab instructions.
  4. Patients record completed rehab exercises for clinical review and compliance.
  5. Patients actively participate in the program for injury prevention and performance improvement.

Virtual physical therapy provides several advantages compared to surgical intervention, such as:

  • Minimizing the need for surgical procedures with lower-cost alternative rehab techniques.
  • Accommodating increased demand without geographical constraints.
  • Reducing workplace absenteeism.
  • Decreasing healthcare and workers’ compensation claims.
  • Reducing overall healthcare expenses.
  • Improving employee satisfaction and retention rates.

The patient onboarding process involves the following steps:

  1. Completion of an intake to determine whether the patient qualifies for the program.
  2. Patient education to evaluate the patient’s ability to complete a non-surgical pathway.
  3. Enrollment of the patient into the appropriate program based on their needs.

Certainly, let’s consider a case study of Total Knee Replacement:

Surgical Intervention:

  • Recovery Time: 6 – 8 Months
  • Estimated Cost: $20k – $40k
  • Absenteeism: ~46 days
  • Wait Times: 4-8 weeks
  • Outcomes: 10-30% have very poor or no improvement

Non-Surgical Intervention:

  • Recovery Time: 2-4 Months
  • Estimated Cost: $2k – $4k
  • Absenteeism: ~5 days
  • Wait Times: 7 days
  • Outcomes: Delay surgery for 95% of patients with moderate conditions

CareSpace is a co-innovation partner with Providence St. Joseph in the US. We are actively involved in building the next-generation technology for injury prevention and performance improvement, redefining the landscape of care and rehabilitation. Our commitment to innovation is driven by the desire to provide the best possible care and support for our clients and patients.

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