The Launchpad For Mobility Improvement

With mobility as a missing vital

And Movement as Medicine

Delivering care support at Population Health Scale

Built for Industry – Backed by Providers

Mobility as a Missing Vital

Our platform digitizes musculoskeletal care via a mobile phone or webcam powered by visual (AI-powered) learning to measure, record, and recommend personalized care pathways to improve outcomes at a population health scale.​

let's move

Movement as Medicine

Introducing the 1st AI powered Movement programs as medicine for injury prevention, recovery, and performance improvement.

Virtual Therapy at Population Health Scale

CareSpace’s virtual care support empowers providers, payors, employers at population health scale (100% software).

Anytime. Everywhere. All Devices.

Experience wellness and a higher quality of life in the most powerful way

Built for Industry -
Backed by Providers

CareSpace proudly supports an international network of customers and partners. Together, we optimize virtual care delivery through a new hybrid support model.

Our program achieves better outcomes with higher compliance while capturing new revenue streams for our supporting provider network.